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Tan Lines

Tan lines are stripes formed on the body mainly due to sun tanning. Tanning is a kind of process done by many people to improve their physical beauty and sexual attractiveness. During the tanning process, people wear different kinds of clothing. The portion of the body that is not exposed to sunlight will be a lighter shade than the tanned portion. This is often referred to as tan lines. Certain people consider tan lines fashionable as it implies that tanning is done naturally on a tropical beach. Some people find tan lines sexually attractive.

A perfect tan is the one with minimum tan lines. One way to minimize the tan lines is to adjust the straps of the bikini periodically. Another means is by wearing a swimsuit made of highly developed and technologically advanced fabric that offers the opportunity to get rid of tan lines altogether. The advantage of these types of swimsuits is that it allows the sunís rays to pass through the fabric. It also prevents the ultraviolet rays (both UVA/UVB rays) from striking the areas that are not accustomed to tanning. Nowadays, these suits are available in a wide variety of colors and cuts and are more affordable than when they first were on the market.

Yet another method to avoid tan lines is sunless tanning. Self-tanning has many advantages over the traditional suntan. In the case of self-tanning, the person himself can decide how much dark he/she should be, rather than leaving it up to chance.

For those seeking no tan lines, endless varieties of strapless sandals, clothes, towels, indoor tanning lotions, and other related products are readily available, and most of these products are available online.

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